The Copenhagen-based Happiness Research Institute suggests that keeping away from Facebook for a short duration might make you a happier person.
It adopted an interesting methodology for the study conducted among 1,095 people in Denmark. It asked half of them to refrain from using Facebook for one week. The participants were asked to evaluate their life satisfaction on a scale of one to ten both before and after the one-week experiment. As per the research findings there was a significantly higher level of life satisfaction’ amongst those who did not visit Facebook for a week. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The control group, which continued to use Facebook during the week as they normally did, had an average satisfaction score of 7.75 (a minor change from 7.67 recorded earlier. The other group which did not use FB for a week, however, saw their average life satisfaction score increase from 7.56 to 8.12.
They were not only happier with their lives, but also reported an increase in real-world social activity and were significantly less angry and lonely than the Facebook users.
Happiness Research Institute CEO Meik Wiking said, ““Facebook distorts our perception of reality and of what other people’s lives really look like. We take in to account how we’re doing in life through comparisons to everyone else, and since most people only post positive things on Facebook, that gives us a very biased perception of reality. If we are constantly exposed to great news, we risk evaluating our own lives as less good.”