Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Hindus around the world recently celebrated the auspicious occasion of the Festival of Light, Diwali.I wish you all Happy Diwali, Happy Deepavali!
We are all beings of Light going through our human experience. We are a light, luminous soul, wearing our body!  And yet there is another gift that we humans have, and the animals don’t have. Animals sleep, and we also sleep. But we humans have the power to sleep without sleeping, rest without sleeping, without sliding into unconsciousness. That is the world of meditation. Animals cannot go into that super conscious state of being awake while all the senses are non-functional, when the mind also gradually becomes quiet, calmed and rests in the Spirit and in the Light of all lights within. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Humans can meditate. Hence we have Jesus, Buddha and Baba Lokenath, who died, but are not DEAD. They are alive, alive in the hearts of all of us for they learned the art of conquering the fear of death. Whoever can reach to that state of transcending the deceptive, illusive, phantom mind can reach to that state of being Deathless.
As Spirits eternal we all are deathless. So, fear not. There is nothing to fear in this life. There is everything to be fearless. For death cannot steal, kill, burn, or damage the eternal Light within us, our Spirit that is stainless, sinless, pristine and pure.
If we accept the path of prayer and meditation, devotion and love, and embrace the constant vigilant Light of awareness, we will be able to live in a body and mind which would not be a haunted house of fear, but a heavenly Abode of Light, Peace and Immortality.
Please Meditate on these humble supplications to the Eternal Light, at this time of the Festival of Light, and always!
May the Guru the dispeller of darkness and evil, awaken in our hearts and show us the path of true non-attachment to anything that is painful at the end.
May we find reasons to fill our mind with vibrations of joy and smiles; it is only when we are happy we can share vibrations of happiness with those who come in touch with us! We are not physical beings but vibrational beings of Light and Love! May we meditateon this reality to give and attract the best in our life.
May we trust the power of our Positive thoughts, give up all negativity, not try to run away from darkness; may we just be bold, upright and confidently bring Light and positive power into our thoughts, and become the worshippers of Light.
May we take a pledge that we will not bow down our head before the insolent might of the lower mind within us. That we are born to raise our head high, honoring the inner Spirit within us, that Spirit which is the source of all Lights, all happiness and joy in life. We are that Light, eternal. We are That.
May we see the Light of the soul in each other and live in soul-consciousness that alone can help us live without jealousy and envy.
May we ignite the Light of hope in the hearts of those who are less privileged and are in pain and all collectively meditate for their collective peace and prosperity.
May we live to experience the glory of Love and Light beyond expectations.
May this Light shine on our path and in our heart so that we see there is nothing but that Light that alone IS, and then may we light the Light of all those we meet.