It’s generally assumed that long distance relationships are amazing but at the same time difficult to maintain. According to some people long distance relationships are sad too. But the matter of the fact is that no one can really judge long distance relationships unless they are in it. Only those couples who are in a long distance relationship can understand the joy or the troubles and the joys of being into one. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Long distance relationships are generally about discussing the future of the relationship. Whether things will work out, or you are committing any mistake that you will regret later. Although this doubt about your future annoys you, it also helps in building a strong relationship.
The relationship involves so much of planning for all the trips, meetings or even coming online. And you end up being a great organizer who knows how to prioritize things. In fact, if your partner or you are settled abroad, no one knows about time zones better than you.
People in a long distance relationship know that no matter how long the conversation lasts, it’s never enough. You start spending most of your time either with your phone or laptop. Your appliances become your girlfriend/boyfriend. And no doubt your friends complain about you not replying to them even though you are online.
Jealousy and possessiveness becomes an integral part of any long distance relationship. We often come across people who feel that there is minimal or no place for jealousy in a long distance relationship. But they are wrong. In fact, in a long distance relationship, your partner can get easily doubtful about you and it takes a lot of efforts to ward off that feeling.
But at the end of the day, after all the fights and arguments, the trust developed between you two is unbreakable. Once that kind of trust is established, no one or nothing can come in between.
Festivals for you are far from just a celebration. Whenever a festival is around the corner, the first thing that comes to your mind is to celebrate it with your partner. But you know that your parents too wish to spend the time with you. Now the struggle is you want to be present at both the places but just don’t know how.
Somehow your friends forget that you are not single. They tend to forget that you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and would sometimes even try to hook you up with some other girl/boy.
You sure know how to get the best deals while travelling. Now that you have travelled so much, you actually know all the places where you can find the best deals, be it offline or online. In fact, it won’t be surprising if tomorrow you log in to a travel site and they reply back to you saying, “Oh! It’s you again. Here is your travel schedule, go and enjoy!”
You become an efficient finance manager. Half of the time you will face a money crunch but you also know how to manage it efficiently. In fact, when it comes to phone and internet bills, you actually know what plan works better for you and how to get the most from it.
Now with a long distance relationship going strong for you our friends’ relationship problems are nowhere close to yours. When your friends discuss their relationship problems with you, you smile softly thinking about yours which are deadlier than theirs. But solving your problems or even thinking about them gives you a headache.
Be it meeting midway, going to her city or going to the city where her parents live; you have done it all. In fact, you have visited the places so many times that you might start thinking of starting a side business of being a tour guide.
You have an important meeting tomorrow at 10 AM and you need to be prepared and feel fresh for the same. You look at the clock and its 5 AM already. Thanks to the late night calls and video chats, you are always sleepy and tired. And people crib about Monday blues!
No matter how strong you are, whenever you see them you just can’t control your emotions. While some might argue that it’s not the case, but the tears of joy definitely run down your face the moment you see them. And why not! After all your life turns awesome when you two meet.
While the meetings are great and the hellos are awesome, but as the days pass by, you start feeling bad. Goodbyes are the most painful aspect of your meetings because you don’t want to let go of them. However, you bid them adieu as you know that you will plan a meeting again soon.