How will you  help? How can you help with something you know nothing about? But you don’ t even consider whether you know anything about it or not. If someone comes to you for advice, do you ever say, I am sorry, I wont be able advice you because I don’t know anything about this. No, you are so generous in giving advice that it does not matter who the person is – as long as it is somebody! and forget about someone coming to you, even if you hear of someone who is in need of advice, you at once run to his house to offer yours. Even if that person tries to avoid you, You still give it anyway. People run to each other to offer their advice to impart knowledge they are waking each other up, they are trying to make one another peaceful! they cannot sit down quietly but they wont let anyone else sit in peace! who wants your advice? Do you have any advice to offer?
But they get great thrill from doing so. It is a great fun to be a guru and no one is interested in becoming a disciple. It is a fun to be a Guru. Because it gives a big boost to your ego. IF you were to go and see that state of these so called advisers, these people who are your advisers right now ……..
But If something were to happen to them tomorrow, then you would find yourself advising these very same people, they themselves would be in need of your advice, and they would be in the same helpless state that you are right now. IF you by chance they see you becoming angry, they will advice you how to get rid of your anger – but just try abusing them a little and then see what happens! In one second they will have forgotten about the advice they are giving you. Then you will have to counsel them. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Why? Why are people so eager to advice others? – because they want the pleasure of being wise without actually becoming wise. IF you go to a truly wise person to ask for his advice the chances are that ninety nine times out of a hundred he will tell you, I am sorry, I don’t know anything about this subject at all. The one time he may not something about it, he will politely put forward his suggestions but at the same time he will also make it quiet clear to you that though it may have been useful for him that does not necessarily mean that it will be useful for you too. He will say all men are different each other, and everyone’s circumstances are also different that is why I can only say this much: that this advice was very helpful to me, it was of great use to me. But the same thing can also harm you, so please do think it over. There is no infallible law.