You too shall pass away. Knowing this, how can you quarrel?
Aes dhammo sanantano—Buddha repeats this again and again—“this is the eternal law.” What is the eternal law? Only love dispels hate, only light dispels darkness. Why?—because darkness in itself is only a negative state; it has no positive existence of its own. It does not exist really—how can you dispel it? You cannot do anything directly to darkness. If you want to do anything to darkness you will have to do something with light. Bring light in and darkness is gone, take light out and darkness comes in. But you cannot bring darkness in or out directly—you cannot do anything with darkness. Remember, you cannot do anything with hate either.
And that’s the difference between moral teachers and religious mystics: moral teachers go on propounding the false law. They go on propounding, “Fight with darkness—fight with hate, fight with anger, fight with sex, fight with this, fight with that!” Their whole approach is, “Fight the negative,” while the real, true master teaches you the positive law: aes dhammo sanatano—the eternal law, “Do not fight with darkness.” And hate is darkness and sex is darkness, and jealousy is darkness, and greed is darkness and anger is darkness. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
Bright the light in….
How is the light brought in? Become silent, thoughtless, conscious, alert, aware, awake—this is how light is brought in. And the moment you are alert, aware, hate will not be found. Try to hate somebody with awareness….
These are experiments to be done, not just words to be understood—experiments to be done. That’s why I say don’t try to understand only intellectually: become existential experimenters. Try to hate somebody consciously and you will find it impossible. Either consciousness disappears, then you can hate; or if you are conscious, hate disappears. They can’t exist together….