Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.

A famous story:

One night the great German philosopher, Professor Von Kochenbach, saw two doors in a dream, one of which led directly to love and paradise, and the other to an auditorium where a lecture was being given on love and paradise. There was no hesitation on Von Kochenbach’s part—he darted in to hear the lecture. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

The story is significant. It is fictitious, but not so fictitious really. It represents the human mind: it is more interested in knowledge than in wisdom, it is more interested in information than transformation. It is more interested to know about beauty, truth and love than to experience beauty, truth, and love.

On the surface it looks logical: first one has to become acquainted with what paradise is, only then can one enter paradise. First you have to have a map. Logical, still stupid; logical only in appearance, but deep down utterly unintelligent.

Love does not need you to have information about it because it is not something outside you,  it is the very core of your being. You have already got it, you have only to allow it to flow. Paradise is not somewhere else so that you need a map to reach there. You are in paradise, only you have fallen asleep. All that is needed is an awakening.

An awakening can be immediate, awakening can be sudden—in fact, awakening can only be sudden. When you wake somebody up, it is not that slowly slowly, in parts, gradually, he wakes up. It is not that now he is ten percent awake, now twenty, now thirty, now forty, now ninety-nine, now ninety-nine point nine, and then a hundred percent—no. When you shake a sleepy person, he awakes immediately. Either one is asleep or one is awake; there is no place in between.

But people keep clinging to words—words that are hollow, words that carry no meaning, words that have no significance words that have been uttered by people as ignorant as you are.

Maybe they were educated, but education does not dispel ignorance. Knowing about light is not going to dispel darkness. You can know all that is available in the world about light; you can have a library in your room consisting only of books on light, yet that whole library will not be able to dispel the darkness. To dispel the darkness you will need a small candle—that will do the miracle.