Yes, Happiness can be learned. Despite all the reasons one can give for not to be happy, Happiness can be learned and achieved. You have a choice to be happy but I am surprised that why people choose helplessness over happiness.
We have learned to be helpless all our lives and so unhappiness is a natural choice. Helplessness is one big roadblock to happiness. After prolonged bad experience in life we tend to become helpless, we blame and curse ourselves for the bad episode in life. Happiness is beyond helplessness. Interestingly if we can learn helplessness we can also learn to be happy. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
So how can we learn to be happy. I suggest an interesting exercise to all my friends who come to me for advice. First and foremost write down three good things happened to you in a day that made you happy and why. Do this for a week and see the difference for yourself.
It is important for us to understand the process of happiness in a biological manner. Our brain is equipped with a circuitery which activates the Dorsal Raphe nucleus in our brain and when it is excited we feel all kinds of helplessness and panic and eruption of all negative emotions.
We have another gland located in the middle of our two eye brows which is called medial pre-frontal cortex. When this is stimulated it calms down the dorsal raphe nucleus and so a human being feels lesser helplessness and more joy. So the question is how can you stimulate pre frontal cortex.  Mediation is the best way to do so. More and more your pre-frontal cortex is stimulated you feel less and less helpless. Several mediation techniques work on the pre frontal cortex including tantra. Most buddhist monks work on their third eye for deeper experience of meditation resulting in Joy and happiness.
How is happiness is responsible for flourishing of a person. And flourishing leads to well being of the individual. If country is flourishing the well being of its citizens is enhanced. Bhutan ranks high of flourishing and we see it topping the chart of happiest nations. Well being contributes to the collective consciousness of the group, city or country.