Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (June 17, 2023): Impact on Zodiac Signs
Saturn, known as Shani Dev, is important in Vedic astrology. It is considered the
planet of justice and the giver of karmic results. Saturn will be retrograde in its own
sign of Aquarius from June 17, 2023, and will turn direct on November 4. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet and stays in one sign for approximately two and a half years, forming its Sade Sati period. Due to this, Saturn’s influence is most pronounced on individuals because it aspects the third, seventh, and tenth houses in addition to the house it occupies, which is Capricorn and Aquarius. While Saturn’s retrograde affects all 12 zodiac signs, according to astrological calculations, it is expected to have a highly optimistic impact on five signs.
According to astrology, the transit of Saturn will be very favourable for individuals with the Aries sign. They will experience financial gains, increased income, and money from new sources. Their self-confidence will be boosted, and they will find success in their plans. During this period, they will reap the rewards of their hard work, although there may be some health-related issues.
Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will also be favourable for individuals with the Taurus sign. They will achieve remarkable success in their careers, with strong chances of job promotion and advancement. It is an auspicious time for financial transactions. Investments will bring profits.
Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will relieve individuals with the Gemini sign from financial problems. They will experience increased income and progress in their jobs and businesses. Their married life will be harmonious, and long-distance travel will be possible. Hard work will be accompanied by good fortune, and their married life will be prosperous.
The retrograde motion of Saturn will have special beneficial effects on individuals with the Leo sign. They will develop new sources of income, and their financial situation will become stronger. There will be opportunities for job promotions and increments.
Saturn’s transit will bring success to individuals with the Sagittarius sign. They will find success in all planned activities and pending work will be completed. Income will increase, and they will attain position, wealth, and respect. Their devotion and religious practices will be enhanced. It is also a good time for investments.
To obtain more information about the effects of Saturn’s retrograde motion, it is
advisable to consult a certified astrologer who can provide accurate guidance based
on your birth chart.
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin: Sarve Santu Niramaya. survey bhadrani pashyantu ma kashchit
That sorrow is Bhagbhavet
Vijay Martand
Astrologer and Vastu consultant