According to Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is considered highly significant and auspicious. It holds a special place in Vastu Shastra, as it is associated with the element of water and is considered extremely auspicious. By considering the following guidelines and recommendations for the North-East direction, you can maximise positive energy and create a peaceful and balanced environment in your home:
1. Entrance Door: Ideally, the main entrance door should be located in the North-East or East direction of your house, as this will enhance the influx of positive energy. A well-designed entrance area can promote the flow of natural light and invite positive energy into your home.
2. Natural Light: Natural light received from the North-East direction is of great importance. The first rays of the sun enter your home through this direction, which is a vital source of energy. Installing windows, skylights, and gardens in this direction can enhance natural light in your home.
3. Positive Energy: The North-East direction attracts positive energy to your home. It helps create an atmosphere of happiness, prosperity, and success.
4. Natural Elements: You can dedicate the North-East direction to natural elements such as plants, flowers, and trees. These natural elements bring natural beauty, peace, and positive energy to your home. Keeping potted plants, especially round-leafed plants, in the north-east direction is considered auspicious. Avoid thorny or spiky plants.
5. Puja Room: Having a puja room or sacred space in the North-East (Ishan Kon) direction is considered ideal. This area should be clean, peaceful, and well-lit. You can establish a puja room or sacred space in this direction.
6. Water Element: Placing water features such as a fountain, small pond, or water symbol in the
North-East direction is considered auspicious. It encourages positive energy and prosperity.
However, ensure that the water is clean and the flow is gentle.
7. Clean and Tidy Space: Keep the North-East corner of your home clean, tidy, and well-maintained. Avoid placing heavy or unnecessary objects in this area, as it can obstruct the flow of positive energy.
8. Windows: Installing larger windows in the North-East direction allows proper flow of natural light. This creates a vibrant and positive environment.
To rectify Vastu doshas in houses located in the North-East direction, you can install Shree Yantra or Vastu pyramid for attracting success and maintaining energy balance. Consulting a Vastu expert for appropriate solutions is advisable.
Vijay Martand
(Astrologer & Vastu consultant)