Representatives of over 15 million Indian farmers, doctors, activists,researchers, policy makers from 25 states came together in Delhi last week to launch Javik Kranti, the living revolution for Bija and Anna Swaraj 2020. This call to revolution for saving India from an agrarian, ecological and health and malnutrition crisis was answered by collective representation from Navdanya, Ekta Parishad, Azadi Bacchao Andolan, Ghanerao foundation, SEWA, Kudumbashree, Javik Setu, Richaria Society, KRRS, Annam/ CISSA, Bharat Krishak Samaj, Kisan Mahapanchyat. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
These groups were joined by doctors from IMA Meerut and AIIMS, that established the links between poisons in our foods and the cancer epidemic.
After an intense discussion about the state of the nation, all participants agreed that the agrarian, food and health crises in India has exploded in the last two decades because of globalisation and trade liberalisation which allowed corporations like Monsanto to establish seed monopolies, agro-chemical and agribusiness giants to increase costs of productions while driving down the prices of farm produce, displacing India’s rich biodiverse agriculture and diet with monocultures of globally traded commodities and imports of unhealthy pulses and edible oils.
The solution to these problems lay for us in the launch of Jaivik Kranti, a Food, agriculture, Ecology & Health movement for a prosperous, sustainable and healthy India by stopping farmer’s suicide, creating resilience to drought and climate change and growing healthy, nutritious & safe food.
The aim of this revolution is to reclaim Bija Swaraj (Seed Sovereignty) by developing community seed banks to save, breed and multiply native seeds and prevent the biopiracy of indigenous seeds and plants. By reviving the traditional crops like dals, pulses, millets and native varieties and promoting mixed farming and not monocultures. Biodiversity produces more food and nutrition per acre by being climate resilient and pest resilient.
By making farms and farmers free of external chemicals and move towards traditional methods of farming as well as by rejuvenating water and soil through Organic farming.
Creating climate resilient system with biodiversity and organic farming and by growing nutritious crops on farms and in Gardens of Hope everywhere-in schools, in panchayats , in communities , in terraces and balconies urban to be nutrition sovereign and keep our health through our food in our hands.