Traditionally we have been taught that if you chase success and achieve it, you will be happy . But the researches have proved that it’s the other way around.
Happiness researcher Shawn Achor has found that if you are happy, you are more likely to be successful.
Happy people are generally more positive and energetic. Happy people see possibilities everywhere and are super productive. If your happiness can direct your life to reach success, it can most definitely make you healthy too.
When you are happy, it’s easier to make smarter choices about food.
Food is often used as a source of comfort to stuff stress, a bad day, a major life change, or anxiety of some sort. If you are in a happy place, it’s easier to have a healthier relationship with food. You eat to nourish. You eat to energize. You splurge on some ice cream to celebrate vlog a big win in your life and you enjoy every bite guilt-free. You have better control over your food choices, because your happiness is already coming from other sources. You aren’t trying to fill a feeling of emptiness.
Happy people realize what they eat affects their mood. Happy people have discovered the clean eating-happiness link. The idea behind clean eating is to eat simply. You don’t need lots of heavy sauces or sweeteners to make your food taste delicious, you just need fresh and real ingredients. And that doesn’t mean you are trading your love of food for bland and boring. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
When you eat clean, you enjoy your food more because you know it’s producing fuel for energy, exercise, disease prevention and good health. Clean eating is about homemade meals with fresh ingredients.
Happy people have discovered the exercise-happiness link too.
Lots of happy people are regular exercisers. This isn’t a coincidence. Exercise boosts mood. Research published in the American Psychological Association indicates that exercise can help ward off depression and make people more mentally resilient.
Happy people are willing to try new things. When you are happier, there’s a better chance you are willing to try a new workout, experiment with a new recipe or set a new goal or challenge yourself. Your desire to try new things or be better than you were yesterday keeps you striving, and that mindset makes for a happier and healthier you.