With the lockdown, everything suddenly stopped within a day. I’d often joke about such days with my friends, how we needed a long break from our capitalistic heavy on doing lifestyle, how we needed days where we did not have to do anything. But when it actually happened, the silence was almost deafening. The empty streets sprinkled with a few humans with covered faces, seemed apocalyptic. The days which were filled with tasks now felt as empty as it could get. As our orientation is extremely outward, many of us were finding to be home a bit difficult, including those working from home. 

And this is when I was sent an invite to join Happy Ho’s Free Interactive Online Meditation Sessions, daily from 6-7pm. The idea behind the sessions was that we do not have to go out anywhere when the best place to go is within. The sessions are led by our Founder Jwalant Swaroop and Yogacharya Sumedha.

Sumedha, Director of Holistic Sciences at Happy Ho, began her journey on the path of Yog and Healing, 30 years ago. Practising Hath Yog and struggling with the quintessential question of “Who am I?”, for years, she formally trained herself in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya that is strongly founded in the teachings of Patanjali and specializes in adapting yog to the unique needs and abilities of each individual. She loves Mantra Yoga and Prana Healing.

During these sessions, Sumedha proved herself to be a very powerful guiding force. Her voice has the enigma to carry you through the 60 minutes in a very effortless manner. She first outlines the objective for the session, then explains the philosophy behind it in depth in a manner that even the toughest terminologies can be recalled on fingertips and then she gently leads the listeners into the meditation. I find it hard to sit still but Sumedha’s passion and respect for the work she does, made my task much easier!

Jwalant Swaroop is an eminent name among the media and marketing fraternity. He is recognised for transcending challenging boundaries to attain great heights. In the three decades he has spent in the industry, he has been a catalyst of change due to his thinking, power of expression and style of functioning. A master of relationship management, he has synchronised a number of teams to organisation goals through personal mentoring and training.

The trait that makes people warm up to him instantly, however, is his joyfulness. He has mastered the art of being happy and staying stress free even while facing chaos and conflicts. An ardent follower of Osho, he has also gained expertise in neuro linguistic programming.

He is a firm believer that happiness not only enhances the quality of life for individuals, but also improves the work culture of organisations in a big way. He has demonstrated to individuals that happiness can be enhanced. 

During these sessions, he brought a certain homely charm to the practice; the kind of charm that made you feel like you’ve been on the journey to heal for a long time.

Interested in joining the free session today? Please fill the form. The link to join the session shall be sent to you on email. Looking forward to seeing you!