Sometimes things we do to make people happy simply boomerang. This happened with Google on Friday, the first of April.  A supposedly happy April fool day turned out to be a sorry day for the Google. Google had to remove an April Fool’s Gmail button, which sent a comical animation to recipients, after many people reported of getting into trouble at work because of this.
The button appeared on first of April, beside Gmail’s normal send button and vlog allowed users to shut down an email thread by sending a gif of a Minion dropping a microphone. A mic drop is a popular meme in which someone makes a conclusive statement or rebuttal before dropping a microphone and walking off.
But after a flurry of complaints about the button appeared on Google’s forums, they had to withdraw the feature and apologize. Google stated that it seemed they had pranked themselves this year. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Google added that users who were still able to see the feature could switch it off by reloading or restarting Gmail.
According to Google users had been informed of the button and what it would do via a message in Gmail when it first appeared. Furthermore, users with the “undo send” capability enabled would have been able to retract a message within a certain time period after sending it.
Google also unveiled a couple of April Fool’s joke videos, including one about a new parachute delivery service and an “actual reality” headset.
Google originally announced the creation of Gmail on 1 April 2004 and, at the time, there was speculation as to whether the email service was an April Fool’s stunt.