You have to be a ruler of the inner world. We have a king-dom inside the true kingdom. We all want to become kings, but we go on searching in the wrong direction, we go on searching outside. One can become a worldly king, but still, deep down, know that one has missed. One is still poor, one is still empty. Nothing is yet fulfilled and life has slipped out of your hands while you were collecting rubbish. An Alexander dies as poor as any beggar. So the whole show is just a deception. The true kingdom is of the inner. A Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu, a Jesus – they are true kings because they rule themselves.

Ordinarily we are slaves pretending to be rulers. Unless one conquers one’s unconsciousness, one remains a pretender, one remains a slave and goes on playing all kinds of games of pretension and deception, goes on proclaiming, “I am not what you think I am.” And he knows what he is and everybody else knows too because everybody else is doing the same thing. All are beggars and all are hidden ehind masks.

Be a true king. The beauty of the inner kingdom is that there is no competition: you have your kingdom, I have my own, and they never collide, they never overlap. Each person has an inner world so vast, where there is no competition, no fight, no quarrel with anybody.