God cannot be proved. No argument is possible either for or against. But if one grows in consciousness, one starts feeling God. As you grow more and more in consciousness, you become aware that things are disappearing; matter is disappearing, and instead of matter the universe starts appearing to be divine, to be consciousness.
It is a simple law: the world appears to be matter because you think of yourself as the body. Whatsoever you are, you will think the world is. If you think you are the body, the world is matter: there is no God. If you think you are a soul, if you experience yourself as consciousness, immediately the world is experienced as consciousness. The world is a mirror: whatsoever you are, it reflects back. So you get only that which you deserve.
Become more conscious and the world becomes conscious with you. When you are at the peak of your consciousness, the world disappears as matter, it is transformed into godliness. That is the ultimate experience of truth, of love, of bliss.