To attain fullness you have to empty yourself ,the moment you are empty of yourself , you are full of God .

Both cannot exist together , remember !

Remember again and again : both cannot exist together :It is either you or God .

And it is only the foolish person who chooses himself .

And….if u choose God , your ego will get disappeared .You will  forget yourself as an entity separate from existence , and in that very disappearance you are reborn : It is a very paradoxical state !

The moment you are empty of yourself you become full , and full for the first time , overflowingly full ,

inexhaustibly full .

The ego is just a shadow , it has no substance . It is a dream , not a reality .

So, drop the shadow, so that you can attain the substance , drop the false so that the real can be attained .

All that I teach here is how to be empty of yourself so that you can be full of God .

And the fullness is fulfillment !