My effort is to help you to drop the division, to drop the schizophrenia which has been perpetuated in the name of religion. Religion has not proved a blessing. It has proved to be the greatest calamity. Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, are blessings, but Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, are not.All the great masters of the world were teaching methods of moving your inner being into higher planes. They were helping people to grow wings. And all the churches have been trying to divide you because that is the fundamental way to rule over people: divide and rule. You can easily divide a person and then he becomes powerless; his energies start fighting within him, he becomes a chaos, then you can rule him. All the churches are interested not in transforming you but in enslaving you, in ruling you, in exploiting you.

Passion is the lowest rung and compassion is the highest rung of a ladder, but both belong to the same ladder. Remember, when passion becomes conscious, it becomes compassion. When passion is unconscious, it is cruel, it is ugly, it is animal.Just bring more consciousness into your being and you start moving toward divinity; from the animal to godliness. Man is only a ladder stretched between these two eternities.