A contented person is nothing but love .He is  not even loving , he is simply love . He loves for the sake of love because that is the way to show gratitude to existence . That’s his  thankfulness , his prayer . So he goes on loving each and everybody . He does not ask or anything in return : He simply gives because much has been given by existence that he should share it a little bit.

And the miracle is that the more we share , the more goes on coming to us . Once you have learned the secret and the arithmetic of sharing you cannot be miserly about it : you will simply go on sharing as much as possible because the more you share , the more you have .

Share your bliss , share your love , share your understanding , share everything you have – all the inner riches . That sharing is essentially what I mean when I say that the contented man becomes love itself . So change your mind from discontent to contentment and then see the miracle : love starts flowing through you in thousands of streams , in many dimensions , in many ways . And life becomes such a splendor , incomprehensible to the intellect , unfathomable for the mind , a tremendous mystery and the ultimate ecstasy .