The whole world is dominated by a dark cloud of alienation . And the reason is that we have forgotten a simple truth, existence loves us . Hence we are,we are its love-products . Its love is the very base of our life . We can’t breathe without its love . Our hearts will stop beating without its love . Its love is our existence .

But because it is so close to us it is easy to forget about it . There is no distance between it and us , hence we can’t see it and we become oblivious of anything we can’t see . It has to be consciously remembered and , as the remembrance deepens , all alienation disappears . The dark cloud is no longer found and the world is full of sunshine . It is a joy to be , because this is our home and we are not accidental . We are absolutely essential , we are needed . We are serving some greater purpose , something greater than we are , something bigger than we are .