I teach fearlessness and freedom . Freedom from for the greatest quality needed to know godliness , needed to bliss , needed to know truth . So come into the open , into the sky . Drop all fears because all those fears are false . And enjoy the adventure of life with all dangers , with all its insecurities . It is a beautiful life, in fact, it is beautiful only because of those dangers and insecurities.

The plastic flower is not in danger, the real flower is in danger. But the plastic flower is not a flower at all . It is far more significant to be alive for only one day – from the morning to the evening , and then the petals wither away .But to live intensely  and passionately for just one day , in the sun , under the sky, is enough , rather than being a plastic flower and living for thousands of years . That is not life at all . It is not a question of length,it is a question of intensity .

One should burn one’s life – torch from both ends simultaneously . Let it be a single moment but let it be totally alive.That will give you the taste of godliness and the taste of eternity.