It is my own experience that , by giving birth to us, existence has already accepted us . There is no question of the last judgment day .I beleive in the first judgement day, It has already passed , it is finished . The day God decided to create that was a judgement day .That day he must have pondered , worried about whether to create the world or not but he decided to create it .

He decided it was better to than not to create He liked something more than nothing. And whatsoever he has created , he is responsible for.I am not responsible , you are not responsible , nobody else is responsible . The whole responsibility is God’s  existence’s whatsoever good there is belongs to it , whatsoever bad there is belongs to it.

We can close the chapter , we need not worry about it . One thing I can say to you as one goes deeper into meditation , one realizes that there is no question of any future judgment and no question of ever being worried . As you become silent you start feeling the love of existence pouring from all sides. You suddenly become aware that you are being taken care of , that you are not ignored , that you are not something accidental , you are intrinsic to existence . Existence needed you , that’s why it created you .