Meditation needs a very determined heart . The wavering mind is incapable of going into meditation . It needs an unwavering perseverance because it takes time . For so many lives we have lived non – meditatively that it has become almost our nature . That non – meditativeness surrounds us like a rock and it has to be broken . And unless we break the rock , our inner nature will never manifest itself .

So if one meditates one day and hopes to attain something , and finds that nothing has been achieved and drops the idea , then he will never be able to go into the world of meditation . It needs an absolute commitment : ” Whatsoever happens , irrespective of any results , I am determined to go into it , and I am ready to wait and I am ready to risk all . The deeper the resolution and the greater the determination , the easier becomes the process . If the determination is total , and the intensity is absolute , it can even happen in a single moment . It all depends on your intensity . it has to be a passionate love affair . One cannot just play around with the idea of it . It has to become one’s life .