Remember , man comes into the world as an empty canvas . God does not give you any program , you are not programmed . There is nothing like fate . That is the invention of cowards, it is the invention of people who don’t want to make anything out of their lives , who are so lazy , so cowardly , that they don’t want to take any risks. They throw the whole responsibility onto God . They call it fate , kismet , karma and thousands of names , but all are basically tricks to avoid responsibility .

My life is my responsibility . Whatsoever I am , I have made it that way and whatsoever I am going to be tomorrow , I am creating today . Nothing can be done about yesterday, there is no need to bother about it , it is finished . But today is still available and out of today , all the tomorrows will be coming . If one is alert , just a small touch can change the whole story.