People are constantly living in discontent about everything . It is a habit .

It is not that , if they have more money and a better house and a better wife or a better son or a better job , they will be content – it is not that . Whatsoever they have they will remain discontented . Poor , they will be discontented rich ; they will be discontented ;

Discontent is a habit of the mind . Mind lives through discontent , it is intrinsic to mind. Mind can never be content . Once you understand this , a miracle happens . Then you can put the mind aside because it is never going to give you contentment . That is not its nature , So you are asking for the impossible . And what cannot happen , cannot happen – it is futile .

This has been the experience of the whole of humanity for centuries . Still everybody tries , hoping that he is an exception . Nobody is an exception .

Discontent creates misery . If you understand why you are discontented , if you don’t find any excuses on the outside and you see that it is the functioning of the mind , then the functioning can be dropped . It is very easy . The question is to see it . Don’t believe it because I say it is so you have to see it .

Watch your mind .