If one can sing a little, if one can share one’s joy a little, if one can express one’s being a little, that’s enough; in fact more than enough.

We are very miserly, we don’t share. This is the greatest calamity that can happen to any man, and it has happened to the whole of humanity. We are brought up in such a way that we become miserly. Even if we give, we give very grudgingly and whenever we give, we give only on business terms. It is not sharing. We give only to get more, it is always a bargain. That is not true giving.

True giving means the sheer joy of giving, with no motivation; not as a means but as an end unto itself. Then life becomes a song. If you can love for no reason at all, if you can be friendly even to strangers… And all are strangers. You may have lived with a person for ten years, but still, two strangers have lived together for ten years, that’s all. But the strangeness never disappears; there is no way to destroy it. And it is good because it gives individuality to each person, uniqueness, unpredictability.

Give wholeheartedly as much as you can. That’s what I mean by a little song. Don’t hold it in, express it. Just like the birds in the morning: the birds don’t care whether anybody is listening or not, they don’t care about the audience, they are not singing to get something in return. They are simply singing out of joy. The sun has risen, the morning has come again, the night is over and they are all song, they are all dance.

This is the real way to live — each moment a rejoicing, rejoicing in life, and sharing with whomsoever you happen to be; with a tree, with an animal, with a rock. Share.