The body lives through breathing; once the breathing stops, the body dies. The soul exists through loving, but many people don’t have a soul because they never start loving. They just assume that they have a soul, but they don’t. Potentially of course they do, and if they start loving, it will become a reality.

Love transforms your potential soul into an actual phenomenon. It is the greatest miracle, the greatest magic, the greatest mystery of life. There is nothing higher than love.

But when I use the word love I am using it in a very special sense . .It has no ordinary connotations to it: it is just a loving relationship with the whole, a friendship with everything, even with things which ordinarily are thought to be dead.

A buddha treats even a chair as if it is alive. It is not a question of whether it is alive or not; the point is that a buddha cannot be unloving, so whatsoever he does, there is love.