Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Every good thought or small good action brings with it the blessings of the Karma of happiness. The seed of good Karma will bear fruits that ripen into joy and success in life. But patience is very important here. There will be days when you are suddenly stuck with some difficult situation. You start to feel down and wonder where the fruit of your good deeds is? You say to yourself, “Is this the reward of being faithful, honest, humble, loving, friendly and god loving?” We mostly forget one thing that none of us has ever seen seeds being sown in the ground and flowers and fruits coming right away! For every good karma that we do, it takes it own time to bear fruits.
Always remember to watch your thoughts for they are at the roots of all Karma in the world. You can’t think of positive thoughts without affecting the whole universe. You can’t think of negative thoughts without afflicting the world negatively. Thoughts are not just thoughts; they are energy vibration in motion, creating their own emotions. So always be mindful of your thoughts, and more importantly your words. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
When you are doing sincere service, as long as you have the sense that you are not the doer of your actions, that all your actions are done through you by the divine, you are doing a good Karma.
Two things we carry with us beyond this physical life in a physical world. One is our Karma and the other is our spiritual experiences and revealed truths. Physical life is transient, unpredictable, and inevitably moving toward the next cycle. Whatever may be your present status, don’t give your mind into the mirages of life, rather shift your focus to being more mindful of your Karma and your spiritual evolution. Know that life is a balance, moderation is the way, and self-realization is the only purpose.
This practice can be extremely helpful. At the end of the day do a kind of flash back of what you did through out the day. Good actions are your assets and bad ones are your liability. Take a vow that the next day in similar such situations when you are about to repeat the same mistake again you will be alert and mindful and remind yourself of your determination to not repeat the mistake again. If one does that over a period of time your liability will be less and your assets will increase. Your negative Karma will be less and the positive Karma will be more day after day.
When you bring joy and peace in another person’s life, don’t forget you are clearing a Karmic debt to that person who had done something good for you at some time in the past. The bodies have changed through rebirth, but the Soul has not changed. The Soul is omniscient. It can recollect its past through its own state of pure consciousness. It always attracts those Souls with which it has to work to evolve further in order to move along its path of Self-Discovery.
At the end of life’s run, none of us take anything with us other than the Karma, the cause and effect consequences of our actions. If anything worthwhile remains, it is our good actions and deeds, the love we have given, what we have contributed to the welfare of humanity and all other beings on earth.