When we were kids we were taught about four sections of a human’s life that were defined in ‘vedas’. The Baal-ashram, Grihasth-ashram, Vanprasth-ashram and Sanyas-ashram. These different sections defined the best way to celebrate life separated by 25 years each.
The Baal-ashram defined the first 25 years of one’s life where one was supposed to be taken care of by their parents, get educated and trained for the rest of your life. Grihasth-ashram defined the joys and duties of adulthood, the marriage and the responsibilities of kids and parents. Then was the Vanprasth-ahsram where one was supposed to take the life easy, slow down and reap the benefits of the young life that one has invested in money as well as children for they are supposed to take care of you. And the last was Sanyaas-ashram, where one was supposed to take a complete break form the family life and retire into solitude to think and understand about the impending death that meant the passage into other realm.
But as the centuries passed, the humankind evolved and developed  through modern science. With the advent of modern medicine and surgical procedures, the life expectancy has increased as well as quality of life too has enhanced by many folds. The result is humans live way longer than they used to and stay younger and healthier in general. And we have coined the new idiom: i.e. age is just a number. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
And many a times it is proved so. Of course when you talk about your inner feelings and emotions, age turns out to be just a number. You come across all sorts of examples that verify this fact. You come to know the news about Rupert Murdoch and ex-model Jerry Hall getting married at 85 and 59 respectively. Or near home the actor Urmila Matondkar marries a man nine years her junior. Obviously there are no rules in love and for that matter in marriage anymore.
Today we accept people the way they are. The individual not the profession they earn their bread from. No one anymore questions if a teenager is spiritual or a 50 year old joins in Salsa class. Our virtual world has broadened our viewpoint. On social sites we do not judge people by their appearance or age and the same attitude had influenced our real life too. We have broadened our socio-cultural expectations of people.
In my home my adult son, teenage daughter and my clothes often gets mixed up and end up into each other’s wardrobe. That typical stereotypes of appearances are diminishing rapidly. Your friends might be double your age or  might be 50 years younger to you. There are no hard and fast rules anymore.
In our minds we are of the age we feel. The mind actually doesn’t age like body does. So we do not act our age anymore. The social media has played a major role in creating a seam less flow of thoughts and view points between people of all ages.  And that has made people to be more open to their emotional demands.
We are witnessing a very interesting and encouraging phenomena at social level. Age has become an elastic commodity. Women are not marrying early so the social pattern is changing rapidly. Teenagers behave way more maturely so that they can escape the parent trap.
In all and all we have more than one generations looking at the same objective; to live the life to the fullest and to live happily. The ways are as different as they come  but the challenge and the end point is only one, Happiness.
-Pritpal Kaur