This gold toilet is allowed to use if the visitors do not mind security guard standing there. The toilet is fully functioning and is designed by Italian artists and sculptor, Maurizio Cattelan. This work of art is going to be installed on in one of the public bathrooms of the museum on May 4th this year.
Those visitors who have paid museum admission will be allowed to use the toilet. A security guard will be stationed outside the toilet to make sure that no one is damaging the toilet. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
According to the Guggenheim publicist, Molly Stewart, ‘You can lock the door and have your experience, whether that be just looking at the toilet or using it.”
The maker of this piece of art says that economic inequality is the theme of the toilet but meaning is up to what viewer perceive. ‘It’s not my job to tell people what a work means,’ Cattelan said. ‘But I think people might see meaning in this piece.’
Museum has paid for the toilet through its private funds and will remain on the display for a long time.