A woman can feel fulfilled more easily her creativity is just around the breasts. That is why all over the world, women are concerned so much with their breasts – it is as if their whole existence is concentrated there. They are always alert about their breasts – hiding or exhibiting, but always concerned. The breasts are the most secret part, their treasure, their centre of being – of being mother, of being a creator.
Shiva says: feel the fine qualities of creativity permeating your breasts and assuming delicate configurations. Just concentrate on the breast become one with them, forget the whole body. Move total consciousness to the breasts and many phenomenons will happen to you. If you can do this, if you can concentrate totally near the breast the whole body will  loose weight and a very sweet, deep sweetness will envelop you. It will pulsate around you, within you, above, below, everywhere – a deep feeling of sweetness. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Really, all the techniques that have been developed have been more or less by man, so they always give centres which are easier for men to follow. Only Shiva has given some techniques which are basically for women. A man cannot do this. If a man tries to concentrate near the breasts he will become very uneasy. Even within five minutes he will start perspiring and he will become very uneasy, because male breast are negative, they will give them negativity he will feel uneasy, uncomfortable, that is something is going wrong in the body, ill.
But female breasts are positive. if a woman concentrate near the breasts they will feel very happy, Very blissful, a sweetness pervade all over their being and their body will loose gravity. They will feel light as if they can fly. And with this concentration may things will change,  You will become more motherly, you may not become mother. To every one your relation will become more motherly more compassion more love will happen but this concentration new the breasts should be done very relaxedly, not tensely. If you are tensed about it there will division between you and the breasts. Relax and melt into them and feel that you are no more that only the breasts are there.