Have you ever realised why people laugh so artificially?

That’s because they are afraid of laughing. How can Laughter be restricted by mannerism? It is the most authentic emotion of being happy.You are alive when you laugh. And when you laugh you heart out, you are left with no pain, grudges, jealousy or anger. Laughter is the best medicine for all ailments.

Laughter has miraculous effect,we just need to realise it!

When Hotei came to meet Buddha for the first time, Buddha looked at him and asked him to sit under the tree and told him that he will call him when he is ready. Buddha had guessed his question and answered him too, which Hotei had understood. Hotei went and sat under the tree. Days turned into months, months into years; Hotei kept sitting under the tree.

Hotei was a rare disciple. He never asked Buddha why he was being made to sit under the tree while the other disciples of Buddha would live, eat and sleep with Buddha in his commune. Hotei had a rare quality of surrender and trust for his master and he lived under the tree for years altogether.
By and by his all questions were dropped and he was left with no question and also no answers.

A pure silence and expanse of blue sky fell upon him. Suddenly that very moment Buddha remembered him and called him. Hotei was transformed.
Story says when Buddha called him he started laughing as there was nothing that he can ask Buddha now, he was the Buddha Himself. Hotei is known as laughing Buddha.
Such is the state of self-realization and you are left with only laughter. Therefore all Zen masters emphasize on laughter so much.
Osho says when you laugh, laugh with totality, so that only laughter remains. You become Hotei.

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