The body and the mind are not separated – they are together, a body – mind, it is a psychosomatic. The mind and the body are one and the mind is the most subtle part of the body. And the body is the most gross part of the mind. In other words, they are not two different things. that is why what ever happens in the body is echoed in the mind, and what ever happens in the mind has its effects on the body. If the mind is sick the bdoy will not remain healthy for long, and if the body is sick then the mind will not remain healthy for long. The message is passed between the two and has an effect on both. That is why people who learn how to keep the mind healthy automatically understand how to keep the body healthy. They don’t have to work on it, they dont have to make any effort. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The body and the mind are connected. Whatever happens to the mind happens to the body. That is why you will have to be careful about your diet and what you eat.
First, you should not eat so much food that your body becomes lethargic, lethargy is unhealthy. Your food should also not make your body excited: excitement is unhealthy because excitement will create imbalance. You should eat enough so that the body does not waste away, because that will only create weakness. If energy is not produced then it will not be possible to profess towards higher consciousness. Your diet should create energy but it should not be stimulating. Energy should be created but you should not eat so much that it makes the body lethargic. If you have over eaten then all your energy will be used for digestion and your body will be filled with lethargy.
When the body is lethargic it means that all the energy is being used to digest your food. The rest of the body becomes lethargic. Lethargy is an indication that you have over eaten. After eating you should feel refreshed and energised not lethargic. This is logical. When you are hungry, you eat, then you should feel refreshed because the fuel that you need to create energy  has been supplied. Instead, you feel lazy. This laziness simply means that you have over eaten and now all your energy is being used in digesting that food. All the body energy will be directed towards the stomach and the lack of energy in the rest of the body will make your feel lethargic.