Dehradun police horse Shaktiman who lost one of his hind legs a month ago in brutal attack during a demonstration is learning to walk again with the aid of its newly fitted prosthetic limb.
He was able to walk 20 metres on Wednesday and for the first time put weight on the artificial limb. The team of four vets attending on him believe that if the horse continues to give positive response, it would be able to walk properly within 45 days. For the past few days, Shaktiman has been able to stand for hours and take a few steps. On Wednesday, the horse walked out of its enclosure for the first time since its injury and was given a bath.
The vets expressed hope that Shaktiman would continue to give positive response which could get the horse back on its feet in 45 days. However, Shaktiman’s right hind leg is still a cause of concern for the vets as they fear it may develop a limp. They are applying ice-packs to the lower part of the right hind leg and taking required precautions as there are possibilities that the horse may develop a limp, which will complicate things. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Though since the accident Shaktiman has lost around 25 kg, the doctors say that it does not pose harm to its health as it is a heavy horse and the weight loss has actually reduced burden on his legs. The wound in Shaktiman’s amputated left hind leg has healed to a large extent. Shaktiman vlog is a beautiful and strong horse and has surprisingly great willpower to recover. In a month’s time, its bed sores have gone down and now no crane is required to lift it. Shaktiman now stands for about 10 hours a day and is enjoying a proper diet.
The incident that caused Shaktiman to lose one of his hind legs caused a great stir in people’s minds. Almost everyone who saw on their screens Shaktiman taking the fall and injuring himself felt the compassion for the beautiful poor horse. all of India raised their voice against the BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi who caused it. He was booked for the assault and arrested . later he was released by the court on bail.