Recently, a new friend sent me a significant question: Can we de-stress ourselves with dance?

My answer is Yes, of course, Yes. This is what is happening today at all the Osho Meditation centers around the world. And this is the central theme of meditation techniques devised by Osho for modern humanity.  

Most of the stress that happens to the human mind is because of his own mind, and his attitude towards life. The mind is very greedy and is never satisfied with whatever he gets in his life. And there’s a constant hankering for and more. This kind of mind has no time to relax and rejoice in whatever gifts are given by life. The desire for more creates more worries–worries to save what one has got already, and what more one would like to have.  This becomes very frustrating. So there’s a vicious circle of endless desires and frustration–and no time left to celebrate with what is already there.

A clear understanding of this futile business is what meditation is all about. This can be turned around instantly by turning in, looking within one’s own psyche and jumping out of this vicious circle. One may be sad in the beginning, so be it.  Osho shows the way. He says: Celebrate, whatever the case. If you are sad, celebrate because you are sad. Try it. Just give it a try and you will be surprised – it happens. You are sad? Start dancing because sadness is so beautiful, such a silent flower of being. Dance, enjoy, and suddenly you will feel the sadness is disappearing, a distance has been created. By and by, you will forget the sadness and you will be celebrating. You have transformed the energy.

Osho teaches this alchemy of transforming baser metal into higher gold. Sadness, anger, jealousy – baser metals can be transformed into gold because they are constituted of the same elements as gold…..The baser can be changed into the higher. Nothing is lacking in the baser. Only a rearrangement, a recomposition is needed. 

This is what the enlightened master means by alchemy: When you are sad, celebrate, and you are giving a new composition to sadness. You are bringing something to sadness that will transform it. You are bringing a celebration to it. Angry? Have a beautiful dance. In the beginning, your dance will be angry. You will start dancing and the dance will be angry, aggressive, violent. But by and by, it will become softer and softer and softer, when suddenly you will have forgotten anger. The energy has changed into dancing. But you can’t think of dancing when you are angry, you can’t think of singing when you are sad. Why not make your sadness a song? Sing, play on your flute. In the beginning, the notes will be sad, but nothing is wrong with a sad note.

So, if you want the stress and sadness to evaporate, start dancing. Don’t postpone and waste your energy in thinking about it, Start singing, praying, dancing. Do whatever you can do, and by and by the baser metal will be changed into a higher metal – gold. Once you know the key, your life will never be the same again. You can unlock any door. And this is the master key: celebrate everything.
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