Degrees count. Previous experience counts. Fitment and references too matter. Competence and intellect of course! All these things matter when companies are hiring.
However, in addition to these, companies are now increasingly looking at emotional health of the candidates. Talent Acquisition Head of an FMCG giant states, “When you are interviewing for a position, most employers are sure to examine competency, core beliefs, vision and culture. I am not saying that these things are passé.  However, now we have another layer of interaction where we try to find out emotional health of the candidates.” Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
He also reflects on the key parameters reflecting Emotional Health of a candidate:

  • They don’t compare their lives to others’
  • They don’t see themselves as victims
  • They know when to say “no.”
  • They know that joy is a choice
  • They keep looking forward

Organisations are not only looking at the employee’s answers to direction questions, but also gauging the body language, mannerisms and hesitation levels. While some organisations are looking at their HR teams to provide them the right candidates, a few are roping in emotional psychology experts in the interview panel.