Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Each time I hear the word “follower”–as in follower of this guru or that guru; follower of this leader or that leader–I feel that this person, the follower,  has no dignity of his own. To me, the dignity means being essentially original, and not a copy or an imitation. And the strange thing is that most of the people we see in the world are followers and imitators, though they may be feeling proud to be followers, just because they believe in a certain great man, such as Buddha or Jesus, Gandhi or Ambedkar; or in an ideology, such as Hindutva or Islamic State. Now in USA, they are discussing a new ideology Trumpism as in India they discuss Moditva. They are discussing something that a certain mob believes in and not seeking something about being an integrated individual. And the strange thing is that even an idiotic ideology such as Nazi propagated in the past by Hitler had influenced most of common Germans and also the intellectuals.  Often the psychologists have often been wondering why Adolf Hitler was able to dominate a great intelligent race like Germans. It appears a paradox that a man like Martin Heidegger, one of the greatest thinkers of this age became a believer and supporter of Hitler. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
This tendency of being influenced and following at the cost of one’s own wisdom seems to be deeply in most of the people. May be it comes from our past lives unconscious conditioning of being the sheep. This conditioning is persisting even after evolving as human beings.
And it is not just a conditioning continuing from past life, it has become our restlessness also. Everybody seems to be looking for some leader to show him the path or lead him to a certain direction.
Osho contemplates: People live accidentally. They don’t have any sense of direction, they don’t have an inner discipline for growing, they don’t have a certain target. They simply go on, not knowing why. Maybe just because they are restless they go on doing this and that. Restlessness needs some kind of occupation, any kind of occupation will do. But any kind of occupation is not going to help you to grow. Growth needs a very selective life.
It happened once that two drunkards were sitting in a car and the car was going as far as it could. One drunkard said to the other, ‘Now from the next cross-road you have to turn left and then you have to turn right.’ And the other said, ‘Why do you go on telling these things to me — you are driving!’
Such unconscious people become the followers. Nobody knows who is driving but everybody is being driven to this direction or that direction. When you run after money, power or prestige or fame, it is because all others doing the same. Why is everybody interested in fame? — because all other fools are interested. And you have to be in tune with the fools because you are surrounded by them. You are the follower–a blind follower. You are burning the buses and damaging other things because you are part of the certain crowd that believes in certain ideology or certain mad leader. You are not doing anything original–and you have grown to be an intelligent human being who has an original insight to live his life in his own unique way.
An intelligent person moves consciously moment to moment. Whatsoever he is doing he is doing for a certain reason. He has an intrinsic value system. He lives according to a certain inner discipline — not imposed by others but by his own awareness.
Ideologically speaking, India and the rest of the world has become so miserable. Osho points out that this misery is an indicator, so is bliss. They are real indicators: if people are miserable that simply shows they are upside-down; if they are blissful they flow into an organic unity. They are no more a crowd. They have created a certain integration. They now have a centre, they are rooted, grounded… And then bliss starts happening, naturally, simply. It does not come from anywhere else, it simply arises out of your own inner being in an accord.