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What’s New in a Year

Nagesh Alai Neither the timelessness of the universe nor the ephemerality of life itself is lost on anyone. Social creatures that we all are, celebration of life at every opportunity is understandable and is but a sub-conscious acceptance of the inexorable passage of time. New Year or should I say New Years are literally dime […]

Merry Christmas, aaha Merry Krishna!

Swami Kulbhushan At Christmas, Kul Bhushan looks into the mounting evidence of many curious similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna. “Merry Christmas,” greeted my friend John. “Merry Krishna,” I responded, “Both are the same.” “Really?” he countered, “Yes, Christ and Krishna have a lot in common.” For a start, both were born at midnight in […]

The transformation of the human consciousness in era of machines

We are competing with machines. The human intelligence is becoming increasingly dependent on machines. We are loosing our intuitive powers. And that seems as the advent of humanity transforming in the complete mechanised era of civilisation. The human behaviour will be much programmed and the living will be mechanical.