Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

Many people take too many things on their plate and then get overwhelmed! We should only do the things we know the best or have faith that we will do well and let go of the worry and stress about the world of things we could do but which we are not able to do. That only leads to more frustration about our selves. Let us first sharpen our attention, which is the bottom line of success.

Here are a few suggestions on how to sharpen your attention:

1.Take one task at a time and focus on that until it is complete, doing your very best so that your brain learns to focus. As you practice mindfulness slowly you will start appreciating yourself, and the world of joy will open up on its own. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

2. Don’t get into too many doings and addictive thinking. Create a pause; fill the pause with silence and deep communion with the Beloved of your heart. The purpose is not to do or think how to be successful but to seek the Doer of all actions and also become the witness of your thoughts. That is the way to be on the path to true success in life, being one with your Beloved.

3. Bring mindfulness and meditation back to your life and walk the path of self-management to rise above anger, fear, pain and conflicts. You may be a good manager at work but most often we remain poor managers of our own minds and life. This mismanagement has caused tremendous loss of values of human life in this planet.

4. Breathe and hold your breath for a little longer time and feel the gift of life. Fill yourself with gratitude, let love blossom, love for God, and let the Divine Flow through you and let wonders happen while you remain the silent witness. This is true success.

5. You are what you think and believe. Affirm health, affirm wellness, affirm success and peace and that will materialize depending upon the strength of your thoughts and beliefs. This is universal law.

6. Enjoy life! Enjoy the gifts! Count your blessings not your dark patches. Did you ever sit quietly and spend time with yourself? Slow down, don’t allow the negative to overpower you, you are child of light, take each day at a time and bring cheers to the moment, to the present. All is well.

7. Live your life not someone else’s life. Accept every negative situation with a mantra inside ‘nothing is permanent, impermanence is the way of this world’ so why be serious? Let the passion of your life lead you moment to moment toward your coveted goal. Nothing should stop you. Your passion today takes you to a step higher tomorrow to the world of forgiveness, compassion and success.