An Academician, an Author, an Artist, and a Healer, these are just few of the roles essayed by Nona Khanna, a Psychotherapist and a Reiki Grandmaster who also holds a Doctorate in Tarot.

Nona firmly believes that ‘Energy healing is based on the supposition that illness results from disturbances in the body’s energies and energy fields and can be addressed via interventions into those energies and energy fields.’

Nona started her career as an academician by guiding young souls in primary school as a teacher. Donning multiple caps, Nona has also authored two books, namely, ‘Not Knowing Whither’ (Life Story of Daniel Abraham), and ‘On Fire’ (On Brij Bedi-Kiran Bedi’s husband). Nona is also a gifted as an artist and has many solo & group painting exhibitions in India and abroad to her credit.

In spite of being an academician, she left her successful career and followed her passion of bringing smiles to people and healing them through different forms of energies.

She mastered the various techniques of Occult Sciences like – Colour Therapy, Angel Healing, Pranic Healing, Tarot Reading, Chakra and Aura Cleansing, Soul Healing and Karmic Healing.

Her other laurels are Visharath in Astrology, certified courses in Acupressure and Sujok. She is a Reiki Grandmaster too.

Two decades of knowledge, interim practice and more than three years of her full time practice as a Holistic Healer has brought her tremendous success. Having started her practice from her home, she now has offices in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon and Vancouver, Canada besides; she plans to open another office in California.

17th – 23rd June 2019


(March 21-April 19)

Your situation has basis in one of your previous lifetimes. Experience and emotions from your past life are influencing your situation. If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe about something, this is it. Your cards represent a new beginning and all the potential that comes with this new venture. This week you are being encouraged to pursue that new path or project you’ve felt passionately about but haven’t acted on yet. Use this time to take your first steps toward manifesting this goal. There’s no need to make huge leaps forward — even a small step forward is still a step toward your goal.


(April 20 – May 20)

Your cards indicate a lot of change in your life this week. Old situations will come to an end and there will be new beginnings. It will be about transformation of the self and letting go of the things that are no longer serving you. What have you been holding onto that you need to let go of? Ending this chapter of your life could pave the way for something far greater down the road. So, this week, you’re being encouraged to move on from whatever it is that’s been holding you back from the future you deserve. Just release all past and you will move forward to a glorious future.


(May 21 – June 20)

Your cards urge you to notice messages that appear as sounds music and words both from external sources and within your mind. These messages are real answer to your prayers. The universe is giving you information and instructions through sounds so that you can take appropriate action. So pay attention to repetitive songs and overhead conversation or strangers out of the blue reassurance or words that you hear in your mind. The universe will provide you with solutions of all that has been going wrong an unanswered in your life until now.


(June 21 – July 22)

Your cards say that you feel like you’re juggling too many things at once. This week, your cards recognize you have many competing priorities, and while it’s noble to lend your energy to so many different things, it has proved impossible to give the right amount of attention to any one of them. As a result, one or more of those areas have suffered. Choice can be our friend, but it can also be our enemy. Now is the time to figure out where your time and energy is best spent? You need to work on your sacral Chakra. You can do this by visualizing it glowing with bright Orange light.


(July 23 – August 22)

Your cards are signaling that you have the inner fortitude needed to gracefully navigate a difficult situation in your life. It’s easy to get lost in emotions like anger, sadness, fear, or shame, but you’re being called to rise above that this week and remain calm in this time of adversity. Don’t act on your base instincts. Instead, embrace your more compassionate and forgiving side. This allows you to become a silent warrior who remains in control not only of yourself but the situation as well. It is time to look within and spend some time in silence and convert your restless energies into constructive energy.


(August 23 – September 22)

Your cards are urging you to stand your ground this week. Receiving this card indicates you’re experiencing some kind of opposition or roadblock in your life right now. Your initial instinct may be to retreat, giving into whatever challenge is standing in your way. However, it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Setbacks are inevitable but giving up is not. Put on your emotional armor and draw upon your courage and inner strength as you tackle this obstacle, so you can eventually overcome it. It is time to think and introspect the past before you take any major step for future.


(September 23 – October 22)

Your cards indicate the need to practice balance and moderation this week. Receiving these cards signify a need to keep a more go-with-the-flow attitude, practicing patience and adaptability as best you can. Perhaps you’ve been resisting a change in your life or letting a stressful situation get the best of you. If this is the case, change your approach this week. Allow things to slide off your back instead of meeting them with resistance. By finding your inner balance, you set yourself up to find your outer balance once again. You are highly sensitive to energies so you may absorb other peoples energies which may make you feel tired unfocused or upset.


(October 24 – November 22)

Your cards want to tell you to be in control of your feelings this week. You may suffer some grief or heart break. Perhaps there’s been a betrayal, or it could be that you’re experiencing some sort of mental anguish. This week, these cards are asking you to persevere and stay in control of your emotions, so that you can move forward without falling apart. Just be sure that in your efforts to remain strong, you don’t become permanently detached. If you remain in touch with your emotional side, you could come out on the other side of this situation capable of loving even more than you were before.


(November 22 – December 21)

You’re going to learn that life is a balancing act this week! Your cards say that you need to achieve harmony with opposing forces. Have you been called in different directions recently? There could be a conflict between what you are and what you want. Has work taken time away from your personal life or vice versa? Your cards want you to take a step back and figure out where your priorities are. By knowing where you want to spend your time and energy, you can come up with a solution that sets you up for long-term success in all areas of your life. You are also guided o keep a balance between your heart and mind while taking any crucial decision related to work.


(December 22 – January 19)

Your cards indicate that you are suffering from some kind of loss or disappointment right now. This could have been something you saw coming, or it could have been something sudden and unexpected. Regardless, this stress has been weighing on you, possibly making you feel as though you’ll never recover from this situation. Take the time necessary to grieve and heal, keeping in mind that although what you’re going through is tremendously difficult, you can move on and grow from this experience. You have issues concerning power and control. It is safe for you to be powerful and take charge of your life in positive ways.


(January 20 – February 18)

Your cards say that It’s time to take a break from your everyday life! They also indicate that you may have a need to withdraw and reflect this week. It could be that you’ve been immersed in many new experiences or spent much of your time recently socializing. Now it is necessary to go for a walk in the forest, take a long bath, book a weekend getaway, or anything else that helps you disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world. Recharging your spiritual batteries will help you reemerge with a renewed perspective. Let go all the worries and burdens and go somewhere where you can reconnect with yourself.


(18 February – 20 March)

Your cards indicate that you are living on the edge and unmindful of the future. This week, you may be impatient to begin a new adventure and oblivious to what could be a confusing event, whether financial or emotional. Although your adventure is a new beginning, there could be an ending attached. Hold on tight to the good vibrations you are experiencing as they could slip through your fingers like sand in an hourglass. There is a sense of the unusual or unexpected and you are more than ready as your Wheel of fortune will continue its endless turning Write down all your confusions and worries, concerns and desires on a piece of paper and put it in a special box called God box as a way of letting go and allowing the divine to help you.

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