An Academician, an Author, an Artist, and a Healer, these are just few of the roles essayed by Nona Khanna, a Psychotherapist and a Reiki Grandmaster who also holds a Doctorate in Tarot.

Nona firmly believes that ‘Energy healing is based on the supposition that illness results from disturbances in the body’s energies and energy fields and can be addressed via interventions into those energies and energy fields.’

Nona started her career as an academician by guiding young souls in primary school as a teacher. Donning multiple caps, Nona has also authored two books, namely, ‘Not Knowing Whither’ (Life Story of Daniel Abraham), and ‘On Fire’ (On Brij Bedi-Kiran Bedi’s husband). Nona is also a gifted as an artist and has many solo & group painting exhibitions in India and abroad to her credit.

In spite of being an academician, she left her successful career and followed her passion of bringing smiles to people and healing them through different forms of energies.

She mastered the various techniques of Occult Sciences like – Colour Therapy, Angel Healing, Pranic Healing, Tarot Reading, Chakra and Aura Cleansing, Soul Healing and Karmic Healing.

Her other laurels are Visharath in Astrology, certified courses in Acupressure and Sujok. She is a Reiki Grandmaster too.

Two decades of knowledge, interim practice and more than three years of her full time practice as a Holistic Healer has brought her tremendous success. Having started her practice from her home, she now has offices in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon and Vancouver, Canada besides; she plans to open another office in California.

10th December- 16th December, 2018



(March 21-April 19)

Your cards indicate that you might be feeling stuck up in some situation this week. There is more than one path towards a certain goal but none seems to take you further than a certain point. You might feel at times that you are banging up your head against a brick wall and nothing is working in your favor. Whatever the result, it is the thought that proceeds action and your cards remind us that thinking in straight lines is not always the best way of doing things. It speaks of times when all our passion, conviction and persistence is required to lift us out of what feels like a stuck up and bad situation. You need patience and clarity to pick up the threads one by one.




(April 20 – May 20)

You will be in a state of disconnect from the outer world this week. This in turn might make you feel insecure and fearful. You need to do some self introspection, try to connect with the harmony of the universe and embrace new and deeper wholeness within and out. However, the appearance of these cards usually highlights a general feeling of boredom in our lives, and our desire to lose structure and rules which we think are causing this dissatisfaction. Take a break and then think about what you really want to do in life. Are you taking up way too more than you can easily handle or are you not able to line up your priorities?





(May 21 – June 20)

This week you will be highly tuned to new energies and follow up things with renewed confidence. Personal and emotional differences may be in a conflict this week. Whether it is a part of a job assignment or a personal issue that erupts suddenly, it will give you the opportunity to take a trip away from low lying areas and open up a world of new opportunities. There will also be judgment in the air which can make you feel low and vulnerable but you will rise out from it with a roar of courage to create the life you have been waiting for. Get ready for a new journey with renewed confidence and great vigor.




(June 21 – July 22)

Your cards guide you to be patient and understanding in personal relationships this week. You need to remember that while all of us are looking for that perfect person, are we willing to be that kind of a perfect person for the other.So,rather that trying to figure out what needs to be changed in your partner, just let yourself think what needs to be changed in you. You can only expect to receive the kind of love that you give to the other .When you love each other unconditionally, that in itself will inspire positivity and understanding in your relationship. You also need to be careful with words at work place as they might be taken in a wrong way.




(July 23 – August 22)

Your cards want you to focus on your relationship with money this week. Are you saving your money, while also still indulging in life’s little luxuries? Or are you hoarding every penny you have because you’re afraid you’re going to lose everything? Examine what is driving this mindset. Don’t allow your feelings around finances to distract you from effectively managing your wealth and setting yourself up for long-term success. You can have fun now, while still having security later. You just need to know how to maintain a balance between both. Being over miser and being over indulgent, both will not be able to help. Do not take life too seriously. Live in moments and create moments for that is what will give you things to bank upon in future.



(August 23 – September 22)

This is going to be a week of celebration and laughter. You’ve been putting forth great effort toward your goals. While it’s really tempting to keep charging forward, it’s nice to pause sometimes and simply appreciate all that you’ve achieved so far. Remember, you can still strive toward your goals while stopping every once in a while to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A new opportunity could present itself to you this week, and your cards are acknowledging that you have the strength and fortitude to accept it. So, remove all the doubts and insecurities you have in your capabilities and simply grab the opportunity and move ahead in life.




(September 23 – October 22)

Your cards urge you to ask yourself, “What are you beginning? What’s new with you? There will likely be purity and open-hearted feelings this week almost like the energy of an excitable child! Whatever is beginning for you will be a fresh and promising start. You may have urges this week to go off on your own and experience things and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure to discover! You’re likely to feel quite buoyant this week, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you. This could be a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re single or coupled as lots of fun seems to be on the horizon. Try to be present in the moment and make the most of any opportunities that come your way, positive thinking is important this week, but it should be fairly easy for you to do.




(October 24 – November 22)

You are about to you meet your inner guidance in a new way and you will be able to develop your manifestation skills and abilities this week. Keep your vision clear and strong this week and you may start to see the results of conscious creation quicker than you think. If you don’t have a vision yet, use this week’s energy to access your inner magic, ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, and start working on it. There could be a strong desire to begin something new. Harness your inner strength and you will get success in everything that you do. You may manifest your goals by utilizing the skills, tools and resources that are already available to you. The choice is completely yours.




(November 22 – December 21)

You’re likely to feel content in your body and environment, nurturing others will be easy and enjoyable for you too. Is there something that you have wanted to accomplish since a long time? This could be the week that you see its fruition,. Your cards suggest that in the first half of the week you may feel disconnected and aloof to everything around you but the later half will bring in new courage and determination, enabling you to achieve whatever you wanted to till date.. What do you want to create? What do you want to manifest? Remember its devotion and nurturing that give ourselves that brings us all that we desire from the universe. The universe will respond beautifully to whatever you desire to manifest this week.




(December 22 – January 19)

This week will be a period of changes, of great emotional fulfillment and this is a beautiful time for all close relationships. You may feel a sense of peace for reaping the rewards of being in a happy union with your loved ones or if you’re searching for love, you may come across about new potentials in love and relationships. You are entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities. You are beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life. Your relationships in both the friendship and love will have a strong spiritual and emotional quality. Listen to your heart and not head in love matters.




(January 20 – February 18)

Your cards indicate that you are feeling being trapped by overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Not knowing which direction to go, or being to see the way out of a problem or situation. Self doubt and perhaps doubt from others is clouding our judgment on an issue and we are playing the victim rather than do what we need to do to fix the problem. It is time to look at the situation from a new angle or perspective and realize that many of life’s mistakes and choices are from our own doing. You are feeling sad and depressed over a certain situation this week which is actually going to take you to a new discovery further and help you to look at your life with a new perspective.




(18 February – 20 March)

Your cards indicate bouts of new energy, creativity or enthusiasm for life. You cannot wait to begin a new project, new job or challenge. This is a great time to begin such things as the universe has sent promising energy your way. Put the wheels in motion and begin that something you are passionate about. Not everyone will agree with your choice, yet it is time do that extra something that makes you extremely happy. The success and happiness that it brings you will trickle into other areas of your life. Life will throw surprises at you. You just need to be in the right mental focus to grab them and make full use of them.


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