Tarot is one of the most popular tools of spiritual introspection. Counsellors use tarot reading in a myriad different ways. While some use it only for future predictions, in the hands of Tarot experts, it is a counselling tool for opening doors to happiness – Book your session. As expressed by The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, “The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”

Happy Ho Tarot Card readings propel you on the path of happiness. Our sessions guide you on making right decisions, managing your life well and becoming happier.

20th August – 26th August, 2017


(March 21 – April 19)

Tarot Card Reading

Lookout for a new connection; your relationship will enter into a new phase.

Illusions are huge this week and you might find yourself being trapped in one. But merely illusions, which can result in fear of decision making.

Keep your focus strong. If you manage to communicate with vision, it will turn you into a leader. To change your perception, take advice from someone creative.

Your sixth sense is on the top of its game.

Color Card Reading

Love is all around you, in friends, family or a relationship. Somehow, it needs your permission to get in. Your body needs the strength. This combination will lead you to an access of innovative thinking.

Colors of the week

Pink – Bronze – Lemon


(April 20 – May 20)

Tarot Card Reading

You are busy in competing for goals at the moment and it is not being nice to you, rather it is bothersome. Cards also indicate conflict with others, which makes the situation rather unpleasant. Opt for impartiality in your decision-making and let go off what is no longer beneficial. Don’t be serious. Have a look at things in a lighter way.

Have enough faith to follow your dreams and the doors will open for you.

Unexpected opportunities will find you!

Color Card Reading

There is nothing worse than to die inside while you are still breathing. You need feel life and breath away. Inventive mindset is the way to uncover your brilliance.

Colors of the week

Peach – Lemon – White


(May 21 – June 20)

Tarot Card Reading

Happiness surrounds your family life this week and you will enjoy financial stability. But somehow, a fear will be your companion regarding financial matters. Wisdom is to accept help from others in the time of need.

If you are self-employed, uncertainty is looking your way. Be moderate and restore balance in your life, cooperation and compromise will make things easier.

Wait for perfect timing.

Color Card Reading

Shaking confidence is a dangerous thing. Empathy is a great quality, which can help boost your confidence.

Colors of the week

Turquoise – Bronze – Cyan


(June 21 – July 22)

Tarot Card Reading

This week, it is strongly indicated that you should take interest in meditation, spend some quiet time with yourself and meditate. You will receive spiritual teachings; you will receive guidance in that regard. While you meditate, try to let go of what no longer serves you. Carrying unnecessary baggage makes life uncomfortable; it also affects your decision-making abilities. Whenever you are making decisions, try to be impartial. Staying neutral in your decision making process will help you gain better results.

No matter how difficult the situation is, try to see the humor in the situation. By doing this the situation will lose its grip on you and you will be able to come up with creative solutions. End of a difficult situation is indicated, it means a new cycle will start this week. A trip will be a possibility this week.

Things are looking up!

Color Card Reading

Our minds are burdened with unnecessary thoughts due to our attention towards everything we hear. Do not pay attention to rubbish; be selective. The clarity of thoughts will help you activate your healing powers and you will be able to heal yourself emotionally.

This process will help you attract success in life.

Colors of the week

Mauve – Blue – Scarlet


(July 23 – August 22)

Tarot Card Reading

Life is not as serious as we tend to make it. It can be happier if we change our perception and look at the bright side. Do not make fear based decisions. Do not consider the things that lost meaning to you. Contentment is circulating around family life and it might reward you.

Your emotional and material requirements are taken care of and you will enjoy strong relationships filled with trust this week. A leap of faith is required to follow your dreams; suddenly something will approach you in an unexpected way.

A new window perhaps!

Color Card Reading

It is good to keep your head in the air but the feet should be grounded, otherwise a fall is in order. Your humility will connect to your understanding and will allow you to connect to your deepest inner knowing.

Colors of the week

Auburn – Turquoise – Magenta


(August 23 – September 22)

Tarot Card Reading

Time is of essence in a particular situation, which demands your immediate attention. Be careful and make right choices for better results. Avoid unnecessary detailing and take decisions with a clear mind.

Your children might be creating some trouble. Detach yourself from the past, as childhood memories will be trying to get a place in your head.

Careful attitude is required this week.

Color Card Reading

3pm is for poets and artists. The night is full of strange gifts. Spend time with yourself in the night and discover the mysteries and dive into the creative space inside. You will find abundance in life.

Colors of the week

Black – Amber – Gold


(September 23 – October 22) 

Tarot Card Reading

Time is right to make important changes in your life; an exciting new opportunity is coming your way. Your career will take a turn in an advance direction.

There is a strong indication of bumping into the love of your life.

You will feel and act very traditionally in your viewpoints and methods. Mystical unions are a possibility; you can find great mentors and like-minded friends if you want to seek.

A wish you longed for is turning into reality!

Color Card Reading

Body, soul and mind is combination of a human being; learn to scan your body with your soul. Establish boundaries for yourself and others, it will bring mental clarity. With clear mind we can understand life better and make wise choices.

Colors of the week

Grey – Brown – Purple


(October 24 – November 22) 

Tarot Card Reading

Your week revolves around your relationships, a relationship that continues to grow closer. It will reach a new level. Forgiveness is required, either for someone or your self. A conflict will be resolved positively.

Trust your intuition this week, take out your caring nature and take care of yourself and others around you. It starts with opening your heart and mind to the people around you. Get rid of any preconceived notions, if any. Listen to the heartfelt advice given by a trustworthy person.

Your heart is in charity work this week!

Color Card Reading

Passion is the driving force of life, pay attention to your passion and bring it into the world. Let love be your guide, remove the obstacle and receive love with open arms.

This will help you to revitalize your body for an improved life.

Colors of the week

Burgundy – Pink – Ruby


(November 22 – December 21)

Tarot Card Reading

A good news follows you in monetary matters. You are willing to take on something more challenging this week; you feel ready and up to the mark. A fresh educational zone is looking good. Confidence to speak your mind is required. Look for professional advice; it is always good to have more than one opinion.

Mental and emotional balance is important and just entertaining only one is not a right approach. A project or a task will reach completion with excellence; it will provide joy, contentment and gratitude. This combination will take you towards enlightenment.

A good week to celebrate!

Color Card Reading

Empathy is in limelight this week; it might be missing in our society. The care you give out comes back ten folds. This will help you to cherish yourself and you may find yourself living an astonishing life.

A dream come true.

Colors of the week

Cherry – Turquoise – Orange


(December 22 – January 19)

Tarot Card Reading

Plenty of everything and it is looking good. Time demands patience, time is right to plan long term. Organization and logic are important this week. Discipline with good structure can take you to leadership.

You might make an unwise choice this week, but do not take it as a loss. Take this opportunity to learn from this situation and focus on motives of the people around.

Life is looking up!

Color Card Reading

Your body is lacking strength; nourish yourself. Nighttime can offer a great deal of productivity and you will again start to have fun with your inner child, whom we lose in order to grow up.

Colors of the week

Bronze – Black – Watermelon


(January 20 – February 18)

Tarot Card Reading

People around you are important; if you do not water the plant for few days it will die. Same goes for the relationships, if you do not attend it properly, it might become stale.

Take a sensible approach and do not be annoyed with challenges, rather deal with it with the kindness and understanding it requires. Your intuition is talking to you. Listen carefully and have patience for the things to materialize. Choose carefully what you want before acting upon it.

Change of perception might be useful. Things will standstill for a while but it is a temporary situation. Do not lose yourself in the process.

Stay true to yourself!

Color Card Reading

Find disease in your body, notice the deficiency and nurture yourself. When the system is in place, flow and synchronicity will atomically enter your life.

Colors of the week

Grey – Orange – Coral


(18 February – 20 March)

Tarot Card Reading

Ego is a huge trap and almost impossible to avoid but not impossible. Ego makes you feel like trapped and the soul makes you feel free. Get rid of the false sense of entrapment move your attention from material things to the inner world.

Fear and fear based thoughts are your companion this week. This situation is temporary and soon you will see that the difficult situation you face, resolve itself. You might be taking a trip this week.

Embrace the change and expect things to get better. Recovery from an addiction is also indicated this week.

Avoid ego. Life is looking good after a tough time!

Color Card Reading

Persistence take a person a long way, do not be impatient. Give things time to develop. Lighten up my friend, life is an illusion but we tend to take it very seriously upon us.

Vision is a very useful tool to see things at its true nature, improve your vision and enjoy life as it happens.

Colors of the week

White – Silver – Indigo

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