The other day I was walking my dog and there they were, five of them, the housemaids. They were sititng on a bench in the lawns of our society, chatting excitedly. Their loud banter and hearty laughs were clearly audible from a distance of almost 100 yards. Honestly speaking I was more than surprised to feel their happiness in the air.
According to the perceptions we generally have about life, they should be bogged down by the amount of menial work these women do in different households including their own, day after day, seven days a week. They should be worriedly talking about the fragile state of work they are employed for, where they can be fired without even a single day’s notice. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
But here they are, day after day, reporting for work, enjoying their lives the way they are, hard long working hours, no holiday to speak of, almost neglegible fringe benifits. Of course they do express about their fair share of sad moments but overall I often find them enjoying life as it comes to them, raw and unpolished.
And here lies the catch. Here is the lesson for many of us who are constantly worried about not meeting the set targets in given time, caught in the rat race to meet the deadlines. Because we live in brackets. We live in brackets set in sections of different time frames.
We get up in the morning at a pre-set time. We drink our morning cuppa at another particualr time. We then take the shower, eat our breakefast and leave for work. All packed up in a fixed frame.
The day progresses in different brackets of work and the evening arrives for most of us in extended work or transfering from the bracket of work into the bracket of commute. By the time we reach home and finish our nightly routine and hit the bed we are way ahead into a bracket of tired bones and mind.
In between these brackets of different activities we forget that we have some blank spaces too. These blank spaces are the places where we can think about what we are up to. But our lives within our work and routine brackets sit so heavy on our psyche that we often do not ever register the presesnce of these pause brackets.
These pauses, these blank spaces are the zones where we can sprout our seeds of happiness. These are the places where we can actually learn to enjoy and gradually these pauses become our main or in other words, our real brackets of happiness.
These brackets of happiness can take over our other brackets, i.e. mundane joyless brackets and eventually everything that we do can become a source of joy and happiness.
All we need to learn is how to recognize, understand and re-organize these pauses.
Mindfulness is the tool through which we can do this with a lot of joy and happiness embedded in the act itself.
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Pritpal Kaur.