Book Review by Ben Foster, Director Nebsly Media, UK
I am a big fan of books that can inspire change, and this one truly has the power to move our community to a happier more sustainable future. It is almost a Jim Rohn – meets – Charles Duhigg “Power of Habits” meets buddhist teachings rolled into an enjoyable story.
Let me start by saying that this, you will get the most out of a book like this if you read it not only with an open mind – but an open heart. As you read you will discover that everything that is communicated in what becomes a very natural way. The ideas, teachings and habits certainly feel organic, if I can describe them as that. I think as you read you will understand how they do connect with nature.
Many ‘self-help’ books take on a narrative that feels hard to connect with at times, but by the end of the epilogue you are hooked with this. I don’t usually write reviews, but after being recommended I read this book in a group of online – I was sent a copy of it. I felt so compelled to share my feelings on the book as it deserves to be read by everyone!
We are in a unique environment right now, and i truly believe the world is more open to change, and they see the change that can be instigated from positive habits. Many people have had an opportunity like no other to review their habits and realign their priorities.
I myself included. The lockdown gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own habits, routines and health. Since the start I have managed to make positive change and with all of that momentum behind me this book fell on my lap. At the right time.
Sandeep helped communicate the story from the muse, the main character in this story, Guru Pranachandra, who I have a vivid picture of in my head, smiling, teaching us the profound lessons that can shape our life and the community around us.
HIGHLY recommended for anyone interested in the power of habits, the positivity that can be achieved through such simple steps and our role to create change in the world around us.
I do hope that the Systematic Renewal he writes about can come true, but I believe it needs to start within ourselves. 5 STARS!!