As per the National Institute of Health, an approximate of 9.5% Americans practice mindfulness and yoga everyday. As the popularity continues to grow, recent studies have shown that the emotional and physical benefits have witnessed how effective yoga and meditation can be. Yoga is known to be a Sanskrit term meaning “union of the mind and body.” Yoga incorporates physical postures (asanas) with mindful breathing and its spiritual connection with complete consciousness.Practicing Yoga and mindfulness offers an incredible range of health benefits, including positive relaxation, increased strength and flexibility, blood pressure, and proper toning of muscles. This practice has resulted to witness in healing the problem of arthritis, back pain and boosting heart, mental and physical health. Researchers are observing and supporting the phenomenal Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness comprising of improvements in mental and physical health and the overall well being. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

Improvements in physical health –Practicing yoga and mindfulness helps in alleviating various physical infirmities, keeping the blood pressure in control, Releasing stress, best for reducing pain, Improving the sleep quality, and more.

Improving mental health–Yoga and Mindfulness helps to keeping negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression far away by helping in boosting enthusiasm, positivist, and a complete state of mind.

Improving overall wellbeing by regular practicing mindfulness helps in gaining understanding of your own thoughts and feelings.

Having a greater transparency of thoughts creation along with productivity and consequences with an improved creativity.

Having more spontaneity and gratitude in life.

Mindfulness is a form of meditative awareness that brings back consideration to one’s own self. One gets peace of mind with practice of yoga and meditation, which brings an ocean of warmth and compassion inside you. Yoga and meditation creates a sharp intellect and focus in life. One becomes more aware and intuitive, along with becoming more confident and friendly.

Taking out time for practicing yoga and meditation in our daily lifestyle helps in staying mindful and considerably improved in the overall quality of life.