Do you ever wonder why babies smile. If yes, than your question is answered. That contagious smile is there to make you swoon over it.  That’s what researchers confirmed in a study published this week in the journal PLOS ONE.
The team of computer scientists, roboticists and developmental psychologists programmed a robot to behave like a baby. The experiment was based on research from a previous study that observed the face-to-face interactions of 13 pairs of mothers and infants younger than four months.
Study author and a research scientist in the Machine Perception Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego, Javier Movellan, says,” “If you’ve ever interacted with babies, you suspect that they’re up to something when they’re smiling. They’re not just smiling randomly. But proving this is difficult.”
The results were surprising. Eleven of the thirteen babies in the previous study vlog showed signs of intentional smiling. For this study, the infant robot made 32 undergraduate students smile during 3-minute sessions with it. The robot was programmed to smile back every time the undergraduates smiled. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The conclusion is sure to put a smile on your face.  Infants are on a mission to make their parents smile.
Study author Dan Messinger from the University of Miami finally concludes that the previous approaches to studying infant-parent interaction essentially describe patterns but here it is decisively can be said that  infants have their own goals in the interaction, even before four months of age.