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What Is Gaslighting? & How To Watch Out For It

But it turns out that Gregory was intentionally driving Paula crazy so that he could look for Paula’s aunt’s lost jewels in her attic without raising suspicion. Infact, Gregory was the murderer of Paula’s aunt. Thanks to the detective work of the police, his scheme is exposed, Gregory is arrested and Paula is free from his sinister influence.

Thinking takes you away from reality

Stressed woman having so many thoughts

A thinker is never here and now, he is never in the present, he is always somewhere else. A meditator is always here and now, he is nowhere else. That’s why thinking is the only barrier in meditation. You have to become aware and by and by the more you become aware, the more you stop cooperating with thinking.

Is There More To Sattva, Rajas & Tamas?

Nandita Kochar Usually, these three terms are used to describe what’s on our plate and goes inside our stomachs. But Sattva, Rajas & Tamas originated as a part of bigger metaphysical explanation put forth by the Sankhya School of Indian Philosophy. Let’s see how!  According to this philosophy, everything in the world can be divided […]