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O gentle sleep…

Nature’s soft nurse… Yes, borrowed from Shakespeare it is.. the great litterateur too extolled the virtues of this very important aspect of a living being’s life. For now, I am going to only focus on the homo sapiens.. much as I would love to be broader on coverage. Volumes written by experts, talks given by […]

Importance of a Happy CEO

It seems the quest of happiness has continued from times unknown. The mystics who would go to the mountains –undertaking ‘Vanvaas’, meaning, living in the forest to seek answers are well-known to all of us from our mythology. Well, embroiled as we are in our materialistic worlds- and now increasingly- supported by the artificial intelligence […]

Music to my ears

Music it was to my ears… or so I thought… until it was obvious that this wasn’t from the great ghazal maestro’s collection but a jarring Indipop number! The issue wasn’t the genre… the issue was the romance that I anticipated as the rendition began, having been slowly, agonizingly smothered. Well, lyrics was never a […]