Nandita Kochar
 Mind does not exist as an entity. Only thoughts do. This is the first thing according to Osho.
The second thing he puts forth is that you are separate from your thoughts, your thoughts are not what define your nature. They merely come and go while you remain, you persist.
Imagine yourself to be the sky – it never comes and never goes, it is always there. Your thoughts are like the clouds – they come and go, being a momentary phenomenon. The sky is eternal while the clouds are not. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Even if you try to cling to a thought, you cannot hold it for long. The thought has to leave for it has a birth and a death to go through. These thoughts do not belong to you. They are merely visitors while you are the host.
Observe yourself, you should be the host while your thoughts are guests. But if it is the other way round, you are the guest and your thoughts being the host take charge of who you are, then you are in trouble. You are supposed to be the master of the house but your thoughts have taken over its possession. You nurtured every corner of this beloved house only to have it taken away from you. How does that make you feel? Not good, for sure. Receive your guests, treat them well but do not let them stay for too long or else you know what will happen.
You have allowed these thoughts to walk so deep inside of you that you’ve forgotten about the distance that needs to be maintained. Always keep what abides, in your sight – yourself, the sky. Be attentive and focus all your energies on that which never comes and never goes, that which rejoices in the bliss of its eternity. Don’t over invest in the guests. Don’t serve them more than they should eat. Be rooted in yourself as a host.
If you identify too much with your thoughts, you become the mind and the body and a name and a form. You become what is momentary and the eternity of the host is lost. By looking at your thoughts impersonally, as temporary guests, you sever connection with them. And you avoid the hell awaiting you.
Whenever a thought is born in you, watch its birth, see it grow before yourself, then observe its decline and the final departure.
 Let it come and let it go.
 For you are not your thoughts.