What is anger? it is a repressed energy. We wanted to do something and could not do; somebody came as a block, something that obstructed our free will to go about doing or saying or expressing something. We make the desire so strong that it becomes the question of life or death to us. So, Our expectations from each other are higher than reality and when these are not fulfilled, they result in anger.
Everybody is angry with everybody. Wives, husbands, colleagues, bosses, subordinates, people and governments, all are angry with each other. The world is one huge angry bomb ticking inside and explodes on a smallest trigger.
Often we hear people say that they do not get angry, it means they are swallowing their anger. His or her anger is more dangerous than from someone who expresses it. An angry person has lot of potential to use his anger energy for self-transformation. Actually if the anger energy starts flowing towards higher chakras of body it becomes love. So angry person has a hidden potential to be the most loving person. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Realization that anger is restricting your growth and is becoming a problem in life is the first step towards correction. Finding solution for it is the next. While finding the solution be careful not to throw the baby with the water. Anger is an important emotion, which can be used for your self-growth. It is possible that the fire in you also go away if you drop your anger.
So, dropping anger is not the solution; Transforming anger is what we should aim in managing the anger.
Unexpressed emotions need expression, the right expression. When you wanted to cry you were not allowed to cry. When you wanted to laugh you were not allowed to laugh. When you wanted to shout you did not shout because society does not allow many things under the garb of etiquette and social values. So a lot of emotions inside you remain repressed. Clear it out.
Catharsis is one good solution towards anger management. Happy ho runs groups in mindfulness, which help you, release your suppressed emotions resulting in proper anger management. We also use NLP techniques to overcome the anger issues. We also do Tibetan Pulsing healing to repair the inner being causing uncontrollable anger.
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