Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Know that Brahman or pure consciousness is Ananda! Thus spake the great sages of the most ancient Vedic tradition of India, that we are born out of ananda, we sustain in anandaand finally we dissolve into ananda. The closest that we can go in translating this transcendental reality from Sanskrit to English is “bliss”. In our pristine natural state, when the past and future drop into total silence, in a deep meditative state of total awareness what blossoms is something un-definable, something un-expressible! It is more like asking a blind person to describe a rainbow. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Transitory pleasure is so alluring! After much effort it comes to us, but it is so difficult to hold on to it, it slips off easily, creating space for unpleasantness to follow. Is there any end to this? Yes there is, so say the wise. When one gives up the chase and trains the sense preceptors to feel the presence of the Divine reality in everything, then over a period of time life brings yet another dimension of reality, that is blissfulness. Bliss emanates from the soul. Beyond the veil of pleasure, and even happiness is bliss or ananda.
Bliss is the aura of the soul or the spirit within. The gateway to the realm of bliss is the spiritual awareness that we find through the practice of meditation.If we really want to realise Divine bliss or anandathen we have to empty our mind of all unconscious beliefs, philosophies, concepts and constructs, and create space for the celebration that is life. Then nature will rush and fill our mindwith the unspeakable joy and peace of nirvana!
Meditation peels away the layers of conditioned beliefs and then takes us to the core where the empty space is pure silence and the Source of all Existence. The Existence is Pure Bliss. When the chatter of mind subsides during meditation we are instantly tuned to happy vibrations, tuned to the very source of joy that is universal. We break the borders of our body and feel our omnipresent soul. We become the very Bliss that we are seeking.  The seeker becomes the sought.
Humankind is continually searching and seeking to be in bliss. If pleasure or happiness were what we are truly seeking then the destiny of humankind would be so different. We would be caught in the dog chasing its tail trap. That cannot happen. With bliss being our very swabhavaor intrinsic nature none of us can rest in peace till we go through all that appears to be blissful, but turns out to be ephemeral, painful and hurtful at times. Through this roller coaster of life we all evolve to rise above the conditioned mind and its folly of chasing the mirage of peace and happiness.
A time comes when we realize this folly of a wild goose chase! We come in touch with either the written words of wisdom that are filled with energy coming from the heart of an enlightened Master, or if we are lucky enough we come in touch with a living teacher. One who has understood this superficial drama of life, and is surrendered to the higher reality of the supreme divinity. One who breathes his teachings. One whose silence is more eloquent and profound than words. One in whose presence our questions subside to their source and reach to the very depth of their deeper source in the Spirit. Until we have a glimpse of that simple experience of something deeper within, how can we relate to the words and wisdom of the Masters?
Thus this path to peace or bliss opens through the good deeds of our past lives, our sadhanain the previous births, and our meeting with one whom we can trust, one to whom we can offer our self unconditionally to rediscover our deepest spiritual fulfillment.  Only a lighted candle can light not just one more but a million more candles, but that one lighted candle is most important.
As such to realize our blissful state we need to walk the path shown by our spiritual mentor, abide by the teachings of the great seers of diverse traditions, but remain steadfast to our own individual journey, to our own path and our own experiences. As we walk the path of peace, peace flows from within and surrounds us. As we walk the path of bliss, the fragrance of bliss and laughter of our soul manifests from our very core and whoever comes into contact with us feels the celebration.
May we invoke the blissfulness of our spirit and spread the aroma of love all around us in a world struggling to find its true purpose within and without.