Only when God has happened is your heart coloured with the colour of love, never before it. Or, when your heart is coloured with he colour of love, God is attained, never before it. And please don’t make a puzzle out of it: don’t start asking which is first the hen or the egg. Don’t ask that.
Either the move through love and you will attain to God, or move through God and you will attain to love. They come together, it is one package. The hen and the egg are not separate – the egg is nothing but a way for the hen to produce more hens and the hen is nothing but way for the egg to produces more eggs. They are not separate.  The egg is the hen un manifest, and the hen is the egg manifest. They are two ends of one thing, of one phenomenon. So are God and Love. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
That is why jesus says God is love. And I say to you that Love is God. Both mean the same. God is one end of the same energy, of the same vibration and the other end is love. You start from anywhere.
Please start; don’t just sit and think, which is first? from where should I start? People who think about from where they should start never start. Thinkers never start. Only non thinkers take the jump.
Somebody comes to me and I enquire, ” What about sanyaas and you ready to take the jump? ” and the person says, “I will think about it. ” thinkers never take any jump. Thinking means making everything certain before it has happened. Thinking means trying to make the unknown, known before going into it. Thinking means, ” First I should make all the arrangements. I am not moving into some gamble.” Thinking is cowardly, thinkers are cowards and what can you know in this mysterious life? what can you know? nothing is known.
In a jam packed bus a young secretary was having difficulty fishing for a quarter in her purse to pay her fair. A stalwart gent standing next to her volunteered, May I pay your fare for you? ” Oh on” she stammered, ” I could not let you do that after all, you are a total stranger”
” Not really” He told her, ” You have unzipped me three times.”
But that is what we call acquaintance, knowledge. Do you know your wife? Do you know your husband? Do you know your child? You know your mother? Do you know me? What do we know? all knowledge is so superficial. But still, the thinker thinks that first he has to make everything certain, first he has to become knowledgeable in every way. He has to have the map, the guide, the possibilities, the dangers, the benefits, and then he will move. Then you may move into anything but you cannot move into  God.