A man of understanding, a man who understand himself and others, always feel compassion. Even if somebody is an enemy you have compassion towards him because a man of understanding can understand the view point of the other also. He knows why the other feels as he feels, he knows why the other is angry because he knows his own self, and in knowing that he has known all others. He has compassion, he understands, and he follows understanding. When I say this don’t miss understand me – understanding impact need not be followed. The very word “Following” gives the idea of having to do something: You understand, than you have to do something, you have to follow the understanding. No, understand, and every thing settles by itself. You need not follow, it simply starts happening. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
So it is important to understand the difference between control and discipline. Control is a false coin, invented by society as a substitute for discipline. It looks exactly like discipline: every false coin looks that way, otherwise it could not circulate in the market. There are many false coins about the inner life. Control is a false coin for the real coin of discipline.
Never try to control yourself. who will control, really? if you understand, there is no need to control, if you don’t understand, than who will control? this is the crux of the whole problem. If you understand, what is the need to control? You understand, so you do what so ever is right. Not that you have to do it, you simply do it because how can you do the wrong? If you are hungry, you don’t start eating stones – you understand that stones cannot be eaten, finished ! there is no need to give you a commandment, ” never eat stones when you are hungry”. It will be simply foolish to say it. When you are thirsty you drink water. What is the need to make any “should” or “should not” about it?
Life is simple when you understand there are no regulations or rules around it, there is no need, because your very understanding is the rule of all rules.